Gathering strength from others


Today I want to write about Aisha’s blog called Expatlog.  She is an Irish lady who is married to a Pakistani man.  They have been married for 10 years and have three beautiful children. The main reason I want to mention her in this entry is because her pieces give me the needed support, and the strength to keep going.

This past Sunday, I got home before 9pm.  My mom and my brother were already in their rooms.  For some reason, I felt the coldness, and I got very upset.  On Monday I came across Aisha’s article on the “Challenges of interracial marriage” again.  I had read it before, but reading it again put me back into proper perspective.  I just have to be reminded that my parents will never approve of/accept the fact that I have chosen to be with my Beh, which is the main reason why they will give me the cold shoulders.  Have to remind myself that this is my choice, and that there will be consequences that will make me upset.  It is disheartening, but I think being reminded of this from time to time and accepting the reality will help ease the disappointment and isolation.

I also came across this article by Bryant McGrill.   He wrote about how young people will show the old people new things.  This also gives me the much needed support.  Because it reminded me that even though they are my parents, I’m not doing this to “disrespect” them.  I am doing this because I love my Beh and I believe in us.  Even though I’m going against their wishes, it doesn’t mean I don’t love them or it doesn’t mean I don’t respect them.  On the contrary, I want them to see that people shouldn’t judge others just by their outer appearance or by their material possession/status.  I want them to realize that, there are things that are far more valuable and beautiful, that can only come from within.



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  1. Flattered and humbled to be mentioned here and in so personal a situation. I wish you all the best, and with your focus and clear-sightedness I think you’ll do a better job of staying true to yourself than I ever did.
    Keep following your path and stay strong. Your Beh’s a lucky guy 😉

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